Synthetic hybridization

by Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere

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by Adam, Crucial Blast Records:

"(...) begin with a series of massive black hole reverberations, eruptions of growling tectonic drift and distorted synths, soft swirling smears of black orchestral ambience, high end shrieking tones, droning cellos, and bits of industrial clang and creep coming together into a sort of blackened kosmiche dronemusic, dense and crushing. The second track is pretty different, sounding like a blackened, infernal version of Scorn with huge bass drops way off in the distance, crushing blackened doom riffs, trails of creepy high end melody; it's like a hellish trip-hop instrumental streaked with wheezing accordion-like drones and pure blackened ambience, like Portishead gone satanic black ambient with blackened doom guitars buzzing in the background. Awesome! Last is a twenty minute dronescape of rumbling guitar drift and lilting high end melodies, roaring space synths, Troum meets Tangerine Dream but with vast bottom end thunder, roiling luminescent storms of blissed out megadrone that slowly becomes darker and more ominous as wailing voices from hell and Gregorian chants and waves of distorted guitar drag the kosmiche bliss-out into the depths... (...)
Presented in a gold handscreened envelope with a vellum insert sheet."


released November 1, 2007



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Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere Spain

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