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3'' compact disc

* in 'At the threshold of knowledge' 2011 reissue

by Adam, Crucial Blast Records:

"There is a newer full length album from Like Drone Razors that is fucking amazing, and which I will be listing here in the shop as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have this limited 3" disc from this Spanish black-drone industrial outfit, and it is very different from the previous releases that I've heard from the band. At The Threshold Of Knowledge is still extremely dark and evil, but here the band morphs into a form of supremely black chamber-horror on three long tracks of experimental piano ambience that pay homage to the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.
Doom-laden and thoroughly dark, the opener "Erich Zann's Score for Piano" is a dissonant piano piece that evokes the nightmare atonality of Lovecraft's story through sparse clusters of lower register piano keys rumbling amid higher chiming notes. The effect reminds me of Corrupted's piano-based work, but this is even more bleak and minimal, strafed with minimal bursts of electronic distortion, and at times suggests the early Heresie-era work of dark prog masters Univers Zero.
On "Auseil's Forgotten Gate", the clustered notes that drift out of the body of the piano are subjected to severe tape-speed abuse, the notes and chords slurred and stretched into smears of hallucinatory sound, sending the music into even creepier regions as the classical-style melody is chopped and mutated into a glitch-ridden hallucination.
The final piece "When the Stars are Right..." moves away from the glitchy, warped sounds and haunts the minimal shadows of piano with murderous metal scrapings and tolling dissonance, and quiet spaces where only the soft, barely perceptible clink of a hand pushing softly down on keys and bones scraping across the innards of the piano can be heard.
While it's a departure from the heavier, time-stretching ambient doom of their other recordings, this is as permeated with evil and as anything I've heard from LDRTFS. Highly recommended, presented in a miniature Dvd style case, and limited to one hundred hand numbered copies."


released March 1, 2009



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Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere Spain

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