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Compact disc

by Adam, Crucial Blast Records:

"Finally procured this most recent full-length from one of my favorite practitioners of blackened ambience, jazz-tinged doom, and expansive obsidian drones, the mysterious Spanish outfit Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere. Released by UK label / occult publisher Section XIII.COMA, Alone With God is presented in a white gloss digi-folder roughly the size of a Dvd case whose edges have been scorched and burnt, leaving this otherwise unmarked jacket looking like a milky remnant from a house fire, a charred faceless document swirled in ghostly ashen stains and smears of carcinogenic blackness. One needs to handle this with care. The disc is contained in the origami-like "jakebox" construction inside the folder, and once it's released from the sleeve's grip, unveils a pair of thirty-five minute tracks that are some of the band's heaviest.
The first is an exercise in sprawling extreme doom metal, beginning as a haze of smoldering amp drones and feedback that slowly form into a kind of despondent slowcore sound, jangling miserable chords ringing out over vast abyssal rumblings and sheets of desolate drone, but then gradually builds into an almost funereal trudge of grinding slow-motion metal, a Skepticism-esque crawl through ever-expanding fields of industrial noise and howling amplification. There's a point around halfway through when the music breaks apart and drifts into a quiet stretch of minimal hum and distant ghostly sound, sensitive cymbal washes and far off keening tones, a haunted ambient passage that eventually erupts into another chaotic din of shambling, noisy black doom rife with ritualistic sheet metal abuse and demonic murmurings that flow into a final rush of cavernous, dub-tinged dirge that almost resembles a Godflesh or Loop performance taking place somewhere in the lightless depths of an ancient catacomb system.
The other track begins as another of LDRTFS's feedback-symphonies, soft wisps of high end drone circling around peals of metallic whir and amp-howl, an eerie and amorphous piece of dark drone music. In the background, pneumatic presses hiss hypnotically while large pieces of metal are dragged around. Murmurs of mysterious melody emerge into the dim gloom, only to drift back out of sight after a moment or two, replaced by violent bursts of metallic sound. It's all more akin to something you'd hear from Maeror Tri or In Extremis -era Organum than the crawling doom of the previous track, but the feeling of rust and emptiness and lightlessness is the same. This grim dronescape is not without purpose, however, something that becomes apparent as it moves through distinct sections where new shapes appear, distorted voice transmissions and ominous drones swelling up from below, blossoms of blackened Sunn O)))-esque guitar-roar and stretches of dripping dungeon ambience, and then whoooomp the 25:07 mark hits and the band drops in with a massive, spacious slab of subterranean doom-jazz, dub-flecked percussion moving at negative tempos amid softly whirling clouds of electric piano-like tones, processed strings and glimmering electronics, rumbling bass notes emerging and rupturing in bursts of black rain over this new mode of negation, taking the form of something like a Bohren And Der Club Of Gore song being played at half speed in a cloud of pestilential glitch and cold, insectile drones. Stark, cold, desolate; LDRTFS's industrialized black doom/ambience creeps through the depths with an excellent use of feedback-as-instrument, crafting howling melodies that manage to blend well with the ritualistic soundscapery and dark slo-mo heaviness, at times evoking the blasted, stygian doom-jazz explorations of Orthodox at their most abject.
Limited to one hundred eighty-seven copies."


released December 31, 2010



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Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere Spain

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